The Horse Project That Went Bad

The Horse Project That Went Bad 

During conversations with Adam3 Magic and myself I told him I miss doing the Amaretto breedable horses but that I didn’t want to put out the whole expense of them: land and food to start them again. So we worked out a deal and I would pay the tier (2400 a week) for land and he’d provide the food and we’d split the profits 40-60 respectively, at my insistence, because he was spending more on the food than I had to for the tier for the horses we had. I provided 18 bundles to make 4 sets of siblings and 31 bundles of elemental eye horses to have each of the 5 elemental eyes covered as my initial investment of horses. Adam provided 4 wind bundles to match my male wind horse because he was the only wind bundle I had.

amarettopic feedinghorseapple_003
Special retired horses I already had plus the new LE that Robby gave me.


Adam had me go around to look at places for specific horses he wanted and when I’d find them, I’d negotiate with the seller and when I got a price he and the seller agreed to, he’d pass me the lindens and I’d buy the bundle or horse and pass it to him. He added 3 horses this way to the sibling breedings because two sets of my siblings were 1 male with 2 females and this added to using these two males to do more breeding.

I’ve done Amaretto horses before, and I had a theory about pinging their servers and was always very organized about breeding and making sure my horses pinged their servers (got pregnant/dropped bundles) in large groups as close to the same time as possible. Since Adam already had lots of horses on his other ranch he was doing with Miakodah Resident and SneekyBrat Resident, I felt the odds of getting those special LE’s would be increased by putting the horses in our ranch in his name. Also, because he was providing the food and SL has lots of issues, it would be easier for feeding and breeding to have them in his name also. So I passed many of the initial bundles to him, but then I birthed the elementals and the rest myself and then set them for sale for zero lindens for him to buy to put them in his name. When Amaretto announced the horse needed for the Feb crazed coat that could drop during th month, it was walkers, which were what most of my horses were anyways. Adam and I decided to expand on the walkers and he paid me 2k lindens to go grab up bundles as soon as it was announced which I purchased 30some walker bundles ranging from 40-100 lindens. I birthed them and then set them all for sale to put them in his name. Adam had gone to an auction and purchased some males/mares and was also keeping a few of them there at our ranch.

A new friend I met from the Amaretto group, RobbyDigler Resident, gave me one of the 2014 xmas LE’s as a gift that I also passed to Adam to breed with one of our elemental groups. I purchased a special black and white female and a b/w bundle from Sadites Resident which I birthed the bundle and then had passed them to Adam to add to breed to this special b/w male he had purchased at a private auction by the owner of Wilds West Auction.

Adam started an argument with me on the 10th and continued it until he came online while I was offline sometime early on the 12th of Feb where he took all the horses. I messaged him to ask him what was going on and was he intending to give me back the horses I initially invested in our project along with half the bundles we had already gotten (3 births from all the siblings and elementals plus one birth from most of the walkers for the crazed coat project) and he didn’t reply but instead unfriended me and blocked me.

The online links to the list of original sibling horses and elemental horses and some of the bundles dropped are below because I was keeping records on Google spreadsheets for him and I to share and view together as we worked on our project. I was letting the last of the 3rd run of bundles drop for all of them before I would gather the information to add it and compleltely update the lists. He took all the horses and bundles before I was able to do this. I have written records of the last four digits of the horses we used for breeding the siblings and the elementals. The names of the horses used initially include the last four digits of the father and the mother of that particular horse if they were not given a specific name. I have the SL transactions saved to my hard drive which indicate the large passing of bundles to him for the initial ones and then the setting for sale for zero lindens and him buying the birthed elemental horses for the rest.

There isn’t anything that Second Life can do nor will the breedable company, Amaretto, do anything because of the transfer of the horses into Adam’s name. This was very poor judgement on my part to trust him in this project. I am out the money these horses represent and the time spent on the projects. I have, however, learned a very valuable lesson about his ethics.


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