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I’ve had some disturbing things going on in my life with regards to persons I have met since last November in the Second Life® virtual world that have me finding myself stressed. Not that this world is worse than the real world we live in, I don’t think it is at all, but since Michael died, my time with real people is actually less than the time I spend with the people I know in Second Life. The SL® friends have been an important part of my healing after his passing because they are a part of the world in which Michael and I first met and experienced together in the first three years we were together before we met in real. They understand this part of our relationship. They ‘get’ it. My real world friends and family just don’t understand and like many others who have never successfully played in this virtual world, they just DON’T get it.

I have been having a recurring message given to me in my dreams this past month. The first time I received the message it was very loud and clear. The gist of the dream was that I was trying to sort out what to do with all this stress that I had accumulated from the interactions I was having with these people in the game. I don’t remember many details, but what I do remember is that I am standing in the dream and there are other people around me and it’s me, the real me, and the people around me are a mixture of SL avatars and real people in my life. There is a bit of heated discussion going on amongst all of us and then suddenly the words: ‘Blog the ex’ are heard loud and clear in my head. So loud that it literally wakes me up.

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I’ve been hearing a lot of other spirit messages about journaling and blogging when things are stressful and how it may greatly help to relieve the stress. I will start blogging about my ex, well, there are quite a few of them from both the Second Life world and also from my real world that are deemed blog worthy. So here’s to relieving some stress and may you also find my new ‘Blog The Ex’ category interesting, funny, tantalizing or at least worthy to read.


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