Sex Buddies

I enjoyed watching the parody video by Matthew Hussey of the song, Perfect by the band, One Direction. While listening to the words of the song, I thought to myself, yes, that’s just what everyone wants, their own sex buddies. Relationships are so over rated. Don’t you think?

I have to admit that I’ve had my share of sex buddies. I can remember one summer that I had 6 different guys that could only see me one night of the week. Each of them had their specific night and couldn’t contact me at another time. I remember the one boy, who was the youngest at about 23 that I called my ‘calendar boy’ because he was so fucking hot. That semi long hair with his tan muscular body. I met him while I was modeling lingerie at a hotel nightclub. I always like breaking rules and especially my own. I never picked up any of the men from the shows that I did, of course, this little hot thing was the one I broke that rule for.  He was absolutely delicious and worth it.

One night as I was pulling out of my driveway onto the road I thought I recognized this car coming up behind me. I pulled over and they pulled over behind me. I opened my car door and got out and walked up to their door and tapped lightly on the window. I already knew it was one of the guys I was enjoying and asked him what he was doing. He replied that he just wanted to see me again. I reminded him that he has his night of the week and that the rule was to not bother me the other nights. I told him that breaking the rule meant he would be out. I told him goodbye and I replaced him. I’m glad this dude messed up because it left an opening that the calendar boy then filled.

The variety was what I was after. I liked it that I had my own little candy store that I could have a different treat every night. I have so many different desires and passions and this was one way to explore them. From the man that wanted to romance me, or the one that wanted to bind my hands and everything in between, the experiences were tantalizing. Burning the fire each night and kissing their lips, which made them think they were so extra special. I mean, guys think that if a girl is kissing them it means she is into them. I laugh because it’s just part of the game. I have been the female version of a man who is a womanizer. Well, I still am. You know, you whisper whatever they want to hear to get them rock solid hard and then ride them all night.

You may be wondering what I did with that other night of the week. I had to have some time to hang with my girlfriends so we could talk about the titillating details of our sexual dates. *Wink*


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    for some people all you want from them is hot sex…they become your #SexBuddy. This post reveals that some women want this too…and how the author recalls having 6 buddies one summer

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