You Don’t Have To Always Forgive

Sometimes you claim to forgive someone because you don’t really want to face what the lover, spouse, parent, sibling or friend has done or what has happened but it keeps coming back to you and you bury it again, over and over. You don’t want to look at it. You don’t want to face the truth.

When things get so tainted, when they keep telling the lies, their story always seems to be a little bit different than what it really is and only when you can see through the stains, when you use great strength to remove the lies, without forgiving, are you able to fully appreciate and understand what is going on.

It shows more strength to stand up to a person that has wronged you. The easy part is to stay and put up with something that is not right by feigning forgiveness. Entrenching universal forgiveness as a solution, something required, and the moral thing to do, is not only a rigid mindset but also self-destructive. You can choose not to absolve someone and be emotionally healthy.

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