Endings For New Beginnings

I chose to end things with Adam. I thought long and hard about the immediate future coming in for both of us and how different the next year would be for us individually. I pictured him as a runaway train heading to be derailed and knew that this was not a ride I wanted to continue on. I was going to be traveling on a different track and I needed to get my power back. This ride with him was like I had stepped in concrete and I was being grounded and held back from achieving what I could.

In the morning he had sent me a message telling me that if I ‘behaved’ and kept my ‘lips closed’ that there would be a chance for us to be together and when gf messaged me later in the day and asked me if Fred was Adam, I stopped and waited a long time before replying. I talked to my dear friend and associate, Darlene on the phone for a bit. She has talked with Adam during a reading I gifted him by swapping a reading for her for doing one for him. Then I talked with my son, who has seen the effects this relationship with Adam has had on me from the beginning in November 2014 when we dated and were a couple. When things ended the second time my son told me to do everything to get rid of this person from my life because  he felt that anyone that would steal horses from me is someone I should not have around. Of course, I only partially listen to anyone so I hadn’t completely cleared him out of my life before. I like to tempt fate.

I then returned to the screen and saw that the gf had also messaged me from other avatars trying to make sure I got the message asking me if the avatar Fred was indeed an alt of Adam. I simply replied, “It’s all true”

My reply was my decision to end things. I knew that by not behaving and not keeping my lips closed, I was choosing a future without him in it. His anger at me would see to that. I also felt that his moving forward with her needed to be on total honesty and by honesty, I mean not twisting things to make it look like I was in the wrong, but by admitting that he did love me, that he did make plans with me to leave  her, that we were going to meet in real and he wanted us to adopt a son together, and that he did pursue me, too. He’s not telling her the true story and love can not be built on lies and deception.

More importantly, to me, at least, is that I know Adam’s upcoming transits and I do not wish to be a part of them because I can not save him from what he will have to go through. He has to do that without my help. I have to get my power back from this horrid year and a half I went through after Michael died. I have the transits now to build the future I so desire.

I chose to end things for each of us to do what we are supposed to do.


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