Conception Night

One very hot and sultry early September evening, my neighbor in the duplex I was living in invited me to come hear his band’s debut at a bar club in a town about thirty minutes from us. He lived there with his girlfriend and they were so adorable at how they always tried to mimic the other in how they dressed. I wasn’t planning on going, but as it started to get close to the time I thought about how excited he and his girlfriend were for his band to have this opportunity and I really needed to go to show my support.

As the sun was going down I made the decision to go and support my friend so I threw on a little black short skirt and a white fitted tank top with flat heeled sandals. The tank looked even whiter against my tanned skin and my hair was sun highlighted and the loose strawberry blonde curls fell where they may. I have a special look that I liked, which was always a little bit messy, or what I referred to as my ‘just sexed look’ so I always smudged my eye shadow and eye liner a little. After adding a little bit of gloss on my natural pink lips, I headed out the door.

Just a few months before this I had gone to work in the morning and never came  home because I had decided that I would leave my husband of nine years. It wasn’t something that I just suddenly thought of doing, but it took a lot of courage for me to leave the marriage because I felt very guilty for wanting to go. I mean, I had such a hard time justifying gaining my freedom when it meant that I would be disappointing and breaking his heart in the process. Not only that, but we had two children at the time and taking them from him to live with me would be like twisting the knife after I stuck it in him. I did go on a weekend, and I did file for the divorce and custody of the children when the offices opened up after the holiday.  I spent the next few months up until this night focusing on spiritual endeavors which involved anything related to the metaphysics such as astrology, numerology, tarot, meditation, divination, chakras, crystals etc. I also gave up caffeine and sodas and sex. That last one is quite a feat for me because I am a very sexual woman, but I had decided that I would take a little respite to work on my soul for this new chapter in my life I was starting.

Because I was living in a new town that I wasn’t very familiar with, I got a little lost on the way to the club, and the directions I was given didn’t quite add up. I found it after driving around for an extra twenty  minutes and parked my car in their parking lot. Heading for the door I saw that the bar club was very busy and I knew that my friends were going to be nervous and excited at the same time.

I walked through the door and quickly glanced around to see the lay of the place, to know where the bar was and the dance floor. I proceeded to walk to the bar to order a drink. As I walked past a long open wall where several guys were standing I checked them out from the corner of my eye as I slowly walked past them noticing they were checking me out, too. As I was walking, this one guy had a glass bottle of beer in his hand as he was coming from the bar, I felt his energy so strongly that I turned my head to see him better and he was doing the same. I kept walking, as did he, and we both did a 180 and looked each other up and down as we continued to walk and kept turning around to end up in the direction we were originally heading.

I proceeded to the bar and ordered my usual, a glass of water. I don’t drink any alcohol when I’m out at a bar or nightclub, and I was not drinking any type of sodas either. It isn’t because I can’t drink or don’t want to, just I know that I’m not used to drinking so even a little bit of booze and I’ll start getting even hornier than I already am and then is when I can get into some real trouble, or fun, depending on how  you look at it. Tonight was just about listening to my friend’s band and that was it. I looked around the room to find a table with lots of people at it so I could go up and introduce myself and begin a conversation to be able to sit with them. I never have a problem going places by myself, in fact, I really like to because then I’m free to meet all kinds of new people and make new friends to hang with at a place for when I would go back. I did find a table and walked over and within just a few moments they were asking me to sit and join them, so I did.

Guys are always asking me to dance and I am always telling them no. You see, I like to do the hunting. I will look the place over and see which guys interest me and then I like to be the one to get them to ask me to dance. It’s a kind of game I like to play. There’s usually only one or two guys that will interest me in any of these places so there’s going to be a lot of guys that I turn down when they ask me to dance. I enjoyed getting up with the new friends I was making and group dancing on the dance floor with them. I had seen my friend and his girlfriend when I arrived and we waved at each other as they were going in the back to get things ready to play. While I am not into the genre of music they did, I was so proud of them for this exceptional opportunity they had received.

When I was  heading back to the table the guy that we did the full turn around and checked each other out was coming over to me. I smiled as he walked up to me and he asked me to dance. He put his bottle of beer down at the table near my glass of water and we went out on the dance floor together. He put his arm around me and as he did, I felt a strong rush of his energy like I had felt when I first saw him. I can always can tell when a guy will be something significant in my life, I get that rush of energy and know. I just know it.

We danced for about fifteen minutes and then I whispered in his ear that I would like to sit down so he took my hand and led me to the table where our drinks were. When we sat down I took a sip of my water as he drank from his beer. I was being overwhelmed with like a tidal wave of energy coming from him and I said to him,

“May I have a sip of your beer?”

To which he handed me his beer bottle and I took a big sip and wiped my lips slowly with my middle finger to catch the little bit of the beer that I spilt on my lips. I put the bottle down on the table between us and raised my hands up in front of my face and used both of my index fingers to form the sign of a cross.

“You are total taboo for me.”, I slowly said to him as I scrunched my nose a little.

“Why do you say that?”, he asked me with a grin.

“All I want to do is to take you home and fuck your brains out.”, I replied as I lowered my hands.

“Let’s get out of here.”, he said as he stood up and took my hand in his to help me stand up beside him.

“Come home with me.”, I said, and he nodded in agreement.

We started to head to the door and just before we reached it, I turned to him and asked him if he had a condom and he said he would go get one from the bathroom where they sold them and I suggested he get more than one. After retrieving the protection we proceeded to the parking lot where he walked me to my car and asked me to drive and wait for him to follow at the entrance. I did as he suggested and he followed me home. When we arrived, he came to my car and opened the door for me and took my hand to lead me to the front door of my place. Once we were inside, I took his hand and led him upstairs to my bedroom. We were undressing each other as soon as we walked in my bedroom while admiring each other’s body and our fingers began exploring each other and I felt his hardness in my hand.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him lifting me up and my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck as I slid down on his manhood. I let out a strong moan as he entered me. He was tall, just over six feet, and I am five feet, two inches and petite. He made it seem like it was lifting a flower for him as he bounced me up and down on his shaft. We continued with our play as he pushed my back against the wall. Next we were on the bed and it was like my head was still spinning. I felt like I was intoxicated even though I didn’t have anything more to drink than the two sips of beer.

At the peak of our encounter I felt him shoot his sperm inside of me and suddenly remembering that we never bothered with those condoms he had gone back to get, I thought to myself, “Oh, my god! I’m going to get pregnant.” A little bit later and that’s exactly what resulted from this encounter. You see, this guy and I only met because my youngest daughter needed to be conceived and to come into this existence. Even though I had no intention of looking him up, nor telling him that I got pregnant, which I did have friends convince me, later, that it was the right thing to do because they said he had a right to know, this one night stand between us was about bringing her soul to life.



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