Fifty Pixels of Mona – Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Fred = Adam = Fred

What confuses you the most? Is it that what you suspected to be true is really true? Perhaps it is just that. Well, you were most definitely correct about who Fred really is. It’s not really that difficult to see what is what and who is who and that they share the same human behind them. Read on, if you will, and let those who have been bamboozled by one be enlightened by another.






to be continued……

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  1. Sharing or posting a conversation inworld or in the Second Life forums without consent of all involved Residents is a violation of the Terms of Service. NOTE: This does not include posting of chat to social media sites or other websites. Posting such logs on web pages, emailing them, or printing them out and posting them on utility poles in the “real world” — are all actions beyond the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service. ; while that might be illegal, but those laws must be enforced by the proper law enforcement agencies. Privacy Rights

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