Lie To Her, Baby

You tell her what she wants to hear. Oh, the lies that are told. No matter who you sneak around to fuck, doesn’t matter to her, she won’t accept the real truth when the fairy tale of your lies is what she really wants to hear. She lives in the bubbles of the song lyrics you say to her and sing to every other woman in your little black book.

She thinks it’s a win because she’s got you by her side when it just shows the need she has to have you throw me under the bus with your lies. I didn’t have a gun to your head, you’re a big boy and knew what you were doing. The promise you made to her are the same ones you made to me and to the other women that have been there along the way. I wasn’t the first you fucked behind someone’s back as it’s part of who you are and I know you did the same to me when I was the one in her place.

Baby, you’ve been telling your lies for so long and you don’t understand what real truth is because you think you can make up your own kind of truth. That’s what she wants, so she can stay where she is and let the sleeping dog lie, so she can keep her pride.


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