The Cling-On is Creepy

Now, I don’t know about you, but when someone parks their alt on a parcel outside of mine because they’re blocked from entering it and messages people I’m hanging out there with and then just sits there for hours watching, it seems that they’re clinging a bit too much. I wasn’t used to the runaway train ride I was on with Adam and decided to get off of it and have been thoroughly enjoying the peacefulness. In fact, I know my life is usually normal and not worthy of being stalked just to see what I’m doing or who I’m with. Adam’s ‘cling-on’ partner, as he called her when we were together, has decided to attach herself to me now. She’s using her alt again to do some spying like she did when he and I were together and he used his alt, Fred, with me. A friend of mine that I was on voice with asked me if I knew that this person had just messaged them and I proceeded to tell them that it was Adam’s partner’s alt that she had used to spy on me and Adam’s alt, Fred. Then I looked at the Firestorm Radar and saw that she had her alt parked on the mainland where I lived and where we were at. She sat there for hours just watching and it wasn’t until in the evening that the avatar moved from there. Well, I’ve got news for you, that’s just creepy.


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