The Cling-On is Creepy

She sat there for hours just watching and it wasn’t until in the evening that the avatar moved from there.


Someone Is Missing Me

Aw babe, I know it’s not the same without me.

Lie To Her, Baby

You tell her what she wants to hear. Oh, the lies that are told. No matter who you sneak around to fuck, doesn’t matter to her, she won’t accept the real truth when the fairy tale of your lies is what she really wants to hear. She lives in the bubbles of the song lyrics…

Endings For New Beginnings

My reply was my decision to end things. I knew that by not keeping quiet and not keeping my lips closed, I was choosing a future without him in it.

Blog The Ex

I’ve had some disturbing things going on in my life with regards to persons I have met since last November in the Second LifeĀ® virtual world that have me finding myself stressed. Not that this world is worse than the real world we live in, I don’t think it is at all, but since Michael…

The Horse Project That Went Bad

Adam started an argument with me on the 10th and continued it until he came online while I was offline sometime early on the 12th of Feb where he took all the horses.